Keep New


The original emulsion-based restorative and protective sealer has proven to be an excellent construction seal since 1988

We have long known about the benefit of preserving the oils and resin in our wooden structures with stains and other preservatives. They protect against the detrimental effects of surface oxidation (e.g., rapid aging and cracking). A similar deterioration process occurs with the loss of oils and resins critical to extending asphalt pavement life.

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Keep Good​


When it comes to preserving roads, the optimal amount of high-quality, anti-aging binder varies, depending on the condition and use of the pavement. And you may have different project experience preferences. That's why we offer the GSB Platform.

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Example of keeping good roads good

Preserving Roads

  • A 15-year-old road with a 2018 PCI rating of 92 (out of 100).
  • Only GSB-88 treatments have been used on the road, and the most recent (second) application was 2017.
  • The road is projected to have a service life of 20+ more years with continued, timely, GSB-88 treatments.

Repair Old & Deteriorated Roads​

Extend pavements service life by restoring and protecting the pavement surface

Every municipality has some asphalt that is significantly deteriorated. Potholes, alligator cracking and rutting are common in these roads and, whatever the cause, they require restorative treatments. For these types of pavements, ASI offers GM-RSS™ and GSB-Repave®.



Rejuvenating Surface Sealer

Works as crack-sealer and chip-sealer in one

This saves significant cost and time and improves road aesthetics.

Easier to work with than many alternative products

Compatible with a wider range of aggregates/chips. More forgiving during application, due to the gilsonite and heavier amounts of rejuvenator. Cures quickly, so sweeping can be completed sooner.

Provides enhanced aggregate/chip retention & ESL

Better aggregate/chip retention protects the treatment longer, allowing more time for pavement rejuvenation, thus extending the pavement’s service life.
Works with a variety of chip seal and scrub seal applications.

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Before treatment

After treatment

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in-place asphalt recycling additive that stretches dollars and saves resources

Developed for use with recycled millings at roughly half the cost of a new overlay, it offers superior blending, excellent Marshall Stability, and a finished product that is resistant to cold temperature cracking. GSB-Repave® can be blended via pugmill, blade mixing, or in conjunction with a road reclaimer of almost any kind.

We began using GSB-Repave® in 2005. Since then we have reconstructed several miles of old pavement with fantastic results. It has proven to be a great option in our maintenance program — and much cheaper than new pavement.”

County Road Superintendent

Fewer & Smoother Projects

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The original emulsion-based restorative and protective sealer brought to market in 1988.


A medium treatment designed to offer more ESL and a faster return to traffic than GSB-88®.


A heavy treatment designed to offer the most ESL and the fastest return to traffic.

* Extended Service Life (ESL) is the increase to the pavement’s remaining service life due to the treatment.

† GSB-88-HEAVY™, which is also known as GSB-Friction Seal® in some markets, and GSB-88-MEDIUM™, are both protected by Patent #10982097.

‡ Legacy Problems are issues created by traditional pavement preservation products, including treatment deterioration and future treatment constraints.

More Anti-Aging, 

Fewer Projects

More anti-aging binder skillfully applied to asphalt pavements translates to more extended service life (ESL) for those pavements, longer durations between projects, and fewer projects over time.

The robust treatments on the GSB-88® Product Platform, namely GSB-88-Medium™ and GSB-88-Heavy™, were created for this purpose.

GSBS (5)
GSBS (6)

One Truck. One Pass. Done.

The robust treatments on the GSB-88® Product Platform, namely GSB-88-Medium™ and GSB-88-Heavy™, were created for this purpose.

Smoother Projects

GSB-88-Medium™ and GSB-88-Heavy™ projects require a fraction of the amount of equipment, personnel, and time compared to projects for other robust treatments (e.g., chip seal, slurry seal, micro-surfacing). And these fine aggregate treatment projects have none of the pain points of other robust treatment projects (e.g., mess, cracked windshields from large, loose chips, long road closures, etc.)

Less disruption

Frame 7210

Fewer Pain Points


Large, Loose Chips

Vanishing Curbs

Gutter Line Buildup


Cracked Windshields

No Downstream Issues

GSB-88-Medium™ and GSB-88-Heavy™ treatments integrate into the pavement in one pass, leaving a pleasing, problem-free, long-term surface. And these fine aggregate treatments have none of the downstream issues associated with other robust treatments (e.g., delamination, retreatment complications or restrictions, etc.).


In short, customers get high-performance asphalt pavement preservation with less hassle during projects, fewer projects over time, and no downstream issues.



Trusted & Innovative

With an organization filled with helpful pavement preservation experts, and with a wide range of versatile pavement preservation products proven to be effective, economically exceptional, and environmentally friendly, we are uniquely positioned to help agencies optimize their road projects and programs.

Whatever your asphalt preservation needs, goals or challenges, chances are we can help. And in the rare case we can't, our experts will point you in the right direction. We’ve got your back for the long haul.

Keep new or good roads good.
Extend the life of old or structurally-sound-but-no-longer-good roads.
Make construction joints last longer.
Restore and protect pavements in extreme climates and isolated locations.
Find treatment solutions for complex, problem pavements.
Avoid mix design risks that often lead to treatment failure.
Super-charge in-place asphalt recycling on roads.
Optimize value-for-dollar in road budgets.
Chip/Liquid compatibility testing to optimize chip seal performance.
Minimize resident pain points associated with road projects (e.g., smoother & fewer projects; night work; etc.).