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Your customers get high-performance asphalt pavement preservation with less hassle during projects and no hassle after projects.

Along with happier customers, you get a healthier business from multiple, innovative, asphalt pavement preservation treatments your customers love that your competitors cannot easily replicate.

Your Customer’s Experience

Quick & Neat Application of a High-Performance Surface Treatment

The GSB-88-HEAVY™ and GSB-88-MEDIUM™ treatments applied with the Secmair Combi Fine Aggregate Sealer Truck integrate into the pavement in one pass, leaving a pleasing, problem-free, high-performance surface treatment that will restore and protect their asphalt pavement like never before.

Less Hassle During Projects

GSB-88-HEAVY™ and GSB-88-MEDIUM™ projects require a fraction of the equipment, personnel, and time compared to projects of other powerful surface treatments (e.g., chip seal, slurry seal, microsurfacing) and have none of the customer pain points of these other treatments' projects (e.g., mess; cracked windshields from large, loose chips; long road closures; etc.).

No Hassle After Projects

These fine aggregate treatments also have none of the downstream issues associated with those other treatments (e.g., delamination, retreatment complications or restrictions, etc.).