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Sustainability & Pavement Preservation

As we approach the winter off-season and begin initial planning for 2017 projects, the timing seems right for a Pavement Sustainability reminder. It’s a global, national, and local issue that affects us all personally, too. 


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Asphalt is America’s most reused and recycled material – over 350 million tons of raw materials go into the construction, rehabilitation, and maintenance of pavements annually. There are obvious environmental benefits to conserving it and reducing the need for additional raw materials, but the economic benefits of sustainable pavement preservation are equally significant: reduced costs of roads to taxpayers, minimized construction downtime, less traffic congestion and emissions.


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Globally, pavement comprises nearly 2% of the earth’s surface, and preserving it wisely can save billions of dollars every year while also reducing annual global greenhouse emissions by up to 3%.  Naturally, some pavement preservation products are “greener” and therefore more sustainable than others; for instance, water-based emulsions are widely recognized as better environmental choices than cutbacks.


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Two main considerations in sustainable pavement preservation are: (1) products that use lower amounts of asphalt per unit area require the least amounts of energy, and also emit less greenhouse gas; (2) products having the lowest quantity of material applied to the pavement per unit area utilize less energy – because less material needs to be produced, processed, transported and installed. 


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With that as background, ASI’s GSB-88® sealer-binder emulsion represents a very economical, versatile, proven, and sustainable pavement preservation option. It is the only product in the asphalt industry to receive an Environmental Product Declaration, as well as GreenCircle® Certification. We hope you will make it part of your 2017 plans – and we are always happy to answer questions as well as visit you personally to assess your asphalt maintenance needs.


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Thank you! 


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