June 9th, 2016 | CATEGORY: ASI Blog

ASI’s GSB-88®: A Proven Product Continues To Improve

Like an old friend, the summer pavement preservation season is upon us. To help with your efforts this important time of year, ASI’s GSB-88® (gilsonite sealer/binder) fogsealing emulsion is also back – and better than ever.


Victor main street GSB-88-1


For almost 30 years, gilsonite-based GSB-88® has provided exceptional, economical, and environmentally-friendly asphalt preservation for pavements around the world.  From city streets to county roads, private parking lots to Department of Defense runways, and local airports to state highways, GSB-88® effectively preserves and extends the life of asphalt at a low cost per square yard. Essential binders are reintroduced to the pavement matrix, enhancing the structure, while also sealing the surface to help repel water and reduce foreign object debris. A multi-year independent national assessment concluded that regular applications of GSB-88® can produce a Savings-to-Investment Ratio (SIR) of 5.0, and a Return-on-Investment (ROI) of 400%.


Driggs airport GSB-88 application-2


With such proven history, versatility and value, it’s hard to imagine GSB-88® could get any better…but this year, it has. As a result of continuous product improvement, customers are now noticing shorter drying (“curing”) times, which helps move projects along faster and thereby saves even more money. In normal weather conditions and when applied as a dilute fogseal, GSB-88® now starts “breaking” on pavement within 15-minutes, which ultimately reduces the overall traffic-ready drying time significantly. This improvement is especially valuable for nighttime projects, and in high-humidity locations. And most importantly, it does not negatively affect any other aspect of GSB-88® performance and user-friendliness.


Hailey City GSB-88 finished


GSB-88® is the only product in the asphalt industry to undergo rigorous independent third-party environmental testing. As a result, it has received an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) from the Institute of Environmental Research & Education, plus GreenCircle®/LEED Certification.


GSB-88 on I-80 NDOR 7-30-08 007


We hope you will consider making GSB-88® a part of your asphalt preservation program. Please contact us with any questions – we would be happy to take a look at your pavements and discuss sustainable, customized maintenance strategies with you. 



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