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versatile 1Product versatility is invaluable for asphalt preservation programs, and ASI helps fill this need. From GSB-Repave® to PASS® and GSB-88®, our products can be utilized across a full spectrum of pavement situations. Implement cold in-place recycled millings options with GSB-Repave®; do chip seals on-base (i.e., Otto Seals) and dirty aggregate chip seals with PASS®; use GSB-88® as a stand-alone surface sealer, with sand for increased friction on roadways, and over fresh chipseals to help with aggregate retention, snowmelt, project lifespan, and roadway beautification. We can even produce different formulations to best fit the specific needs of pavements you are treating.

versatile 2GSB-88® can be applied to a variety of pavement types, improving and extending service life. From new asphalt pavements to chip seals, aging slurry seals, and microsurface treatments that are beginning to ravel and lose fine aggregates: GSB-88® is a proven, economical, and environmentally-friendly treatment method.

ASI products also work in a broad range of temperatures, which significantly expands your application season as well as daily application hours – enabling projects to be completed in fewer days. Whatever your asphalt preservation needs might be, chances are good that we can help. And in the rare case that some other form of treatment is more appropriate, our experts will point you in the right direction. We’ve got your back for the long haul.