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Every municipality has some asphalt that is significantly deteriorated. Potholes, alligator cracking and rutting are common in these roads and, whatever the cause, they require restorative treatments. For these types of pavements, ASI offers PASS® (polymerized asphalt surface sealer) and GSB-Repave®.

problem pavement
problem pavement
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PASS® emulsion is intended for pavements that are too damaged for traditional chipseal oils and might otherwise require resurfacing. It doubles as a crack-seal and chip-seal oil in one, while giving better chip retention and lifespan than commodity products. In addition to special polymers, PASS® also contains rejuvenators to help bond and rebind the existing surface, and it can be a great product for performing Scrub Seal and Cape Seal applications. Finally, PASS® works in cooler temperatures than other emulsions, which helps extend the work day and project season.

PASS® has been a key part of our maintenance program for many years. We simply don't have the budget dollars to re-pave all of our pavements in poor condition. PASS® is the only product we've found that can be applied to our failing pavements and provide us with an additional 5 to 8 years of service life. It is an excellent product for pavements that are oxidized, have lots of cracking and are too deteriorated for any other preservation products". — City Street Superintendent

pavement preservationGSB-Repave® is an in-place asphalt recycling additive that stretches dollars and saves resources. Developed for use with recycled millings at roughly half the cost of a new overlay, it offers superior blending, excellent Marshall Stability, and a finished product that is resistant to cold temperature cracking. GSB-Repave® can be blended via pugmill, blade mixing, or in conjunction with a road reclaimer of almost any kind.

We began using GSB-Repave® in 2005.  Since then we have reconstructed several miles of old pavement with fantastic results.  It has proven to be a great option in our maintenance program – and much cheaper than new pavement.” — County Road Superintendent