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“Over the first several years of its life, road pavement and the structure below it start to deteriorate slowly and weaken as a result of traffic volume, rain, snow, solar radiation, and temperature changes. Deterioration can be slowed by regular preventative maintenance on surfaces and drainage systems, but such measures have often been neglected because road managers believed them to be a normal consequence in the life of a road.” — National Center for Pavement Preservation

A good pavement preservation plan is like a retirement plan: you need one, and the earlier you start the better. This proactive approach is supported by mountains of research. According to the Foundation for Pavement Preservation, as much as 60% of the life of asphalt pavement can be lost in its first two years through oxidation.

New asphalt consists of 94% aggregate (i.e., rock, sand, and fines), and only 6% binder (i.e., what holds the aggregate together). To preserve the pavement, you must preserve the binder – which consists of the oils, resins and plasticizers. Sealing your asphalt early and frequently can keep its surface life in good condition almost indefinitely. Plus, preventive treatments are far less expensive than reactive maintenance or reconstruction.

We offer innovative, proven products to keep your good pavements in good condition, at minimal per square yard cost. Our flagship product, GSB-88®, is a sealer/binder emulsion that adds essential oils, resins and plasticizers back into pavement, while sealing the surface against harmful effects of oxidation and weather. A single treatment is considerably less than the cost of a traditional chipseal, lasts for 3-5 years, leaves the asphalt a nice black color with no messy chips to clean, and is GreenCircle® Certified as an environmentally-friendly product.

pavement preservationA city in the rocky mountain region of the US has been utilizing GSB-88® for nearly twenty years. The city's Deputy Director of Public Works relates:

GSB-88® is specifically designed to rejuvenate and preserve asphalt. Our fog sealing projects using GSB-88® have been well-accepted by our residents – they like the fast cure time and the resulting surface. Effective preventative treatments such as this save significant money on long-term road maintenance costs.”

Our pavement preservation experts are readily available and happy to consult about your municipality’s asphalt maintenance plan.