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pavement preservationBy incorporating GSB Preservation Products into your asphalt maintenance program, you can significantly extend budget dollars while improving pavement quality and lifespan. Some customers have calculated a return on investment (ROI) as high as 400%. As one city’s street superintendent relates:

Rather than automatically chipsealing every road during every treatment cycle, we now utilize GSB-88® for subdivisions and pavements that don’t necessarily need more wear surface. It has been a very effective tool for us. We’ve been able to seal more road miles with the same budget, and our pavement PCI ratings are also increasing.”

pavement preservationAcross the United States and around the world, our products are helping to preserve highways, county roads, and city streets. With a simple, affordable and minimally disruptive application process, essential binders are added to the pavement matrix while also sealing the surface against harmful effects of moisture and UV damage. And without a trace of toxic, old-school coal tar -- see our sustainability credentials -- our products are “as green as it gets.”

Wherever you are, chances are our cost-effective products have been used on roads and in climates similar to your municipality’s roads and climate. We’d be happy to share what we’ve learned from these situations with you.