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What ASI Can Do for Your Cities and Counties

City and county municipalities face numerous unique challenges in preserving their pavements: escalating costs, uncertain funding, increasing public demand for quality roads, and a need for environmentally sound products. ASI has worked in this arena for decades, and understands the issues. We can assist you in communicating with commissioners and council members, conducting pavement analysis, executing the bid process, and overseeing projects. Our aim is to help you succeed, as our pavement preservation products become part of your overall program.

ASI products are a natural and cost-effective choice for intelligently treating your municipality pavements, and stretching your dollars. Our PASS and GSB products bond strongly with old or new asphalt, adding life and resiliency to roads. By applying the right product on the right surface at the right time, your roadway maintenance program can not only survive, but thrive. Budgets can be met, roadways improved, and future expenses reduced.

Our city, county, and state DOT experts are ready to help you assess your needs and recommend the best solutions for your pavement problems. We’ll take a look at your pavements and recommend the best, longest-lasting products for maintenance and preservation — even if it's not always our product. We will treat you as friends, and support you through planning to application and beyond. ASI can deliver product and coordinate application projects anywhere in the USA. We have experienced personnel and contractor connections in place nationwide, ready assist Agencies everywhere.

ASI Products for Cities and Counties

Asphalt Systems Inc. offers a complete array of superior asphalt maintenance products, all designed specifically to do the best job possible, including sealers, binders, chip seals, slurry seals, crack seals, and cape seals. Here's what we recommend:

Preventive Maintenance: GSB-88® — Revolutionary Gilsonite Sealer/Binder Asphalt Rejuvenator

  • First application best on pavements 1–2 years old
  • Stabilizes asphalt
  • Reduces skidding and pavement aging
  • Lasts from 3–5 years before reapplication is needed
  • Stops pavement failures from occurring
  • Flush-coats or fog seals chip seal to decrease chip loss
  • Creates a smoother traffic ride
  • Beautifies asphalt with long-lasting dark black color
  • Enhances snow and ice melt during winter
  • Extends the life of pavement indefinitely with regular use
  • Can be used on roads that are 4-7 years old and in good condition
  • Safe and easy application
  • Nontoxic and noncarcinogenic
  • Greenest asphalt product available today

Asphalt Preservation: PASS ® — Excellent Crack-seal and Chip-seal Oil in One

  • Best on pavements that are poor or failing
  • Gives 5–8 years of service life
  • Eliminates need to crack seal before using
  • Resists reflective cracking
  • Takes the place of new overlays or total reconstruction
  • Extends maintenance season (can be applied at 50 degrees F)
  • Retains aggregate, even in snowy climates (reduces snowplow damage)
  • Does not track or bleed; does not turn brittle or chip
  • Serves as a "Cape Seal" if followed by a microsurface or Type 2 slurry on top
  • Safe and easy application

Ease of Use:

GSB-88® applies quickly and easily with standard bituminous distributors. Rate of spread is dependent upon the texture, porosity, and age of the asphalt pavement to be sealed. The application generally cures in 2–8 hours. Wet GSB-88® can be cleaned up with water; if dried, it can be removed with degreasing solvents. GSB-88® can be removed from skin with industrial hand cleaners and hand creams.

Types of Uses:

GSB-88® can be applied to grooved and ungrooved runways, taxiways, ramps, and parking aprons. Its performance has been tested under all extreme weather conditions in all regions of the United States.

Base Stabilization:

GSB-88® should be applied only to asphalt pavement that is free from major defects. Cracks should be filled with an appropriate bituminous crackfiller. Excess oil and dirt should be removed, and the surface should be free of loose dust, dirt, and debris.

ASI Economic Benefits for Cities and Counties

Keep Customers (Taxpayers) Happy

  • Less downtime for road repairs
  • Increase lifespan of roads
  • ROI from the use of GSB-88® can exceed 250%
  • Create a smoother traffic ride
  • Maintain the visual aestheics of asphalt

Save Money

  • Decrease need to patch potholes and seal cracks
  • Reduce cracking and raveling
  • Avoid future pavement-failure crises

Protect the Environment

  • No coal tar
  • Low VOC fumes
  • Nontoxic and noncarcinogenic
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ASI Products are Environmentally Friendly for Cities and Counties

Without a trace of toxic, old-school coal tar and with very low VOC levels, ASI asphalt preservation products are "as green as it gets." The addition of Gilsonite to asphalt preservation products makes ASI products the premier environmental choice. GSB-88® is by far the most environmentally friendly product available for maintaining and preserving asphalt pavement. It is nontoxic, noncarcinogenic, and nonflammable. When still wet, GSB-88® cleans up simply with water; when dry, it cleans easily with degreasing solvents. Skin cleans safely with industrial hand cleaners or creams. GSB-88® is safe to apply and safe to be around.

GSB-88® reduces the amount of natural resources required to manufacture it, produces less solid waste than other sealers, and minimally impacts global warming. GSB-88® binds and seals completely, virtually eliminating harmful runoff of chemicals and residue.

GSB-88® has also been honored with IERE, Earthsure, and GreenCircle® Certifications, recognizing that one application approx. every five years can significantly extend the life of asphalt and help reduce global warming, acidification, ecotoxicity, eutrophication and smog by nearly 50% when compared to reconstruction.

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The City of South Jordan, Utah utilizes ASI's GSB-88® to extend their dollars and preserve pavements in an environmentally friendly way. Asphalt Systems, Inc., Salt Lake City, Utah.