Product Overview

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GSB 88
GSB-88® (Modified Sealer Binder emulsion) is an environmentally friendly restorative sealer for pavements that are in fair to good condition.
ASI’s GSB-287® is an environmentally friendly cationic emulsion sealcoat that is specially formulated for use on commercial pavements.
GSB Joint Sealer
ASI’s GSB-JointSealer® is extremely effective on new asphalt construction joints, extending the life of the overall pavement project.
GSB 78
GSB-78® is ASI’s original product, with more than 40 years of proven performance on parking lots, city streets, county roads, and airfields.
ASI’s Mod-R® is a highly fortified pavement rejuvenator that was originally developed for the Utah DOT, and later used by other pavement owners.
PASS® (polymerized asphalt surface sealer) is a high-performance emulsion that is especially effective at treating deteriorated pavements.
GSB-Repave is a versatile, in-place asphalt recycling additive that stretches dollars and saves resources.

For more than 40 years – before our nation began to endorse their use as a profitable solution to preserving our public assets – we have been promoting the concept of using thin-film surface treatments to preserve pavement. There are now foundations in place to back, support, and endorse the message that ASI has been promoting since our inception. We know the business of asphalt pavement preservation; it has been our sole focus from the beginning.

We’re all about asphalt pavement preservation...